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cookies and privacy notice

Double Dutch Resort respects the privacy of its clients. We only store the data we need to provide our services (such as contact details and booking details) and will never give it to others.

The doubledutchresort website does not have online forms en no data is collected or stored.

The doubledutchresort website does not use functional cookies of tracking cookies. We do use statistical cookies and Google Analytics (GA) to collect statistics on visits to our website. These statistics are anonymous and can not be traced back to individuals.
The last section of your IP-address is masked.
We have a user-agreement with Google concerning GA. Google will not share the collected data with others and we will not use other Google services combined with GA cookies.

We also use StatCounter for statistics on visits. Statcounter does store this data, but not on an individual level. See this explaination by StatCounter. Statcounter places no cookies.

U can prevent all usage of cookies via the settings in your browser.